We would like to invite you to try a fun, new technology.  Don’t worry – there’s no registration, sign-up, email, or anything – you and your friends can simply try it, right in your browser.  

Try it right now! Go to https://cb.virtualairwaves.com/channel/1 to enter Channel 1. Nobody around yet? Share the link with your friends and start communicating, walkie-talkie style.

So, what is it? 

Virtual Airwaves gives you live, push-to-talk group audio — just like a 2-way radio — easily placed on any web page or social posting.  We’ve built a system to manage, mix, and route real-time audio streams over the internet for a large population of users.  A user interface can be hosted on any platform; we’ve already built a full-featured client on the iOS/iPhone platform, and today we’re announcing that we’ve extended it to the standard desktop browser (using the web standard “WebRTC” protocol.”).  

What does this mean? 

It means you can choose to talk to any size group of your friends in private, with no setup, configuration, or contact info – just share a link among them.  Or, just like live radio, you can choose to listen or talk to other people who are currently engaged on a public channel.  And for more advanced applications like automotive or neighborhood networks, we have a patented approach to location-sensitive audio, where you can talk to people who are located near you – just like real radio. 

Why “push-to-talk”?  

Because in this way, live 2-way talk can be either passive (listening) or active (talking).    Because it is live, there is a sense of immediacy and engagement that text-based or store-and-forward communication can’t match.  And with location-sensitive audio, where proximity is what connects you to others, it provides a relevant community without any permanent social network that needs to be managed.  Our vision is that every desktop, smartphone, and eventually every automobile, can participate as a client.  

Ok, how do I try it? 

Just click on this link.   Once connected, you can select a channel, either a public channel (numbered 1-3), or we’ve created a private channel for you, that no one else will use other than you and anyone to whom you send this same link.  Try it and let us know what you think!