Big news: Our first application is now in the Apple iOS App Store!  But don’t look under Virtual Airwaves, because you won’t find it.  What you’ll find is:


Here at Virtual Airwaves, we have all kinds of ideas for using radio-style communication in today’s mobile world, and our TestFlight app has several such ideas poured into it.  In moving to a larger scale of use, we are segmenting different uses into separate apps, and our first app is Callbox (officially for App Store purposes the full name is Radio Callbox).

Callbox brings zero-registration, zero-administration private channels to public use.  You’ll recognize all the private channel features (including join codes, ringing, etc.) that you’ve seen before.  But now you can simply download the app and run, without any more TestFlight notifications, expiration dates, etc.

But what about the channels you’ve created in the original Virtual Airwaves TestFlight app?  Yes, those channels completely interoperate with Callbox.  The same Join Codes (and Owner Codes) will work in Callbox to gain access to channels you’ve previously created during your TestFlight usage.  Now, if you have more than 1 channel, that’s a bit a of a pain, so there is an easier way…

Use our device recovery feature!  As I wrote in a previous entry, this is how you would normally move all your channels from one mobile device to another, such as when you upgrade it.  This is also the easiest way to move your TestFlight app channels to the new Callbox app.

In your TestFlight Virtual Airwaves app go to “Settings > Device Recovery > Obtain a Recovery Key“.   You can mail that key to yourself, or simply write it down if you want.  Then, in Callbox, go to “Settings > Device Recovery > Recover Device From Key“.  Enter the key, and now your Callbox app will have taken over all the channels and settings from your TestFlight app.  (And your Virtual Airwaves app will no longer have access to those channels; remember, that TestFlight app will soon be expiring.)

Enjoy the new Callbox app – we are working hard to move this new app forward: to make it simple, useful, and fun. Keep using it, and let us know what you think!