Virtual Airwaves now has a web client. We use WebRTC technology–available on all modern web browers–to offer the Virtual Airwaves experience anywhere: desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Try it now

Try it right now by visiting this url:

This will start the client and put you in channel 1. If you don’t have anyone nearby to talk to, share the link with your friends and get them on the air, too!


The first time you use the web application, the operating system will ask your permission to use the microphone. Click the “yes” option.

Here are some of the other features available in this release:

Change Channel Menu

Click on the blue channel indicator to change the channel. You’ll be able to select from any of the Public channels, or any private channels you’ve joined or created.

Hamburger Menu

Access additional features using the “hamburger menu” (shown above circled in red). If you’re using a desktop web browser and the screen is wide enough, you may see an expanded menu:

The Expanded Menu is visible if you’re on a desktop browser and your screen is wide enough.

The options under Channels let you join an existing private channel or create one of your own. You’ll be prompted for a claim code to join a private channel.

If you want to test this, join the “ECHO” channel. This channel will repeat anything you say a few seconds later:

The Share menu option gives you a link you can copy and share with your friends to get them on the same channel:

The Settings option lets you turn back on the UI hints, which are hidden after an introductory period:

The User Interface with hints displayed

We monitor Channel 1 during business hours, and are looking forward to meeting you on Virtual Airwaves. Please let us know any problems or suggestions you have.