Our no-download web client now has a roger beep. This is a tone that plays over the channel that signifies the end-of-transmission. Commercial 2-way radio has long had this feature, and radio hobbyists have a long history of adding circuits to their microphones and radios to have this same purpose.

The iOS Client has a slightly different beep than the web client, so you can tell who’s coming from where.

In addition to the tone sent over the Virtual Airwaves channel, there’s a local beep tone that you hear. This lets you know for sure when you’ve pressed or released the button, or when your talk time has timed out.

Roger beeps sometimes elicit strong feelings from radio enthusiasts. CB’ers like them, but the more serious ham radio operators don’t. We plan to give you a choice and let you switch yours on and off, or even select a different one. Talking on Virtual Airwaves should be fun, and a personalized beep–or the lack of one–can be a way of asserting your personality.

No need to solder circuits together to get a roger beep on Virtual Airwaves — we do it for you in software.