Callbox is innovatively simple: it works just like a 2-way radio, where your phone is your handset.  There is no registration, no account to set up, no exposing your identity, no scanning your contacts.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, get the iOS Version from the App Store. Other versions are coming.

Here’s everything you need to be an experienced user in 60 seconds:

1. First time launched: Give us Permission

Like any iOS app, the very first time Callbox is launched, we must ask for permission to use various device services. We’ve tried to make it simple: just click each button and say “Allow.”  (Without these permissions, you won’t be able to use all our features.)

2. Get in a channel.

To be “on the air,” you need to be in a channel!  So, you need to join one, or create your own.  For a quick start, come join our personal channel called “HQ”, where you can talk to the Virtual Airwaves folks.  Just tap “Channels” (to go to the Channel List page) then “Join”:

You’ll need to enter our “HQ” channel’s join code, which is

8SB Y32

3. Push… and Talk!

It’s a big blue button- you know what to do!

4. Ring the channel to get someone’s attention

What if there’s no one listening?  Callbox lets you “ring” the other channel members to get their attention.

There are two possible bells to ring: one rings all members of the channel, and the other rings only the channel’s creator/owner.  (As owner, you get to decide which bells, if any, are available). For the “HQ” channel, the owner is us here at Virtual Airwaves, so feel free to ring us!

4. Create your own channel and share it

Of course, the purpose of Callbox is for you to talk with your friends and colleagues – so you’ll want to create your own channels for your various groups.  It’s simple – just go to the Channel List page and tap “Create”.  All you need to do is enter a channel name (it doesn’t have to be unique, just whatever you like as a name), then “Submit.”

So how do you share this channel?  By handing out its Join Code, which you can find on its info page: go there by tapping the “ⓘ” symbol in the Channel list.  (Quick tip: a shortcut is to tap the channel name in the main Talk screen.)  You can simply tell others what that code is, or you can tap the “action” button to send that code directly by text message or email.

Congratulations – you’re now a Callbox expert!