“Ringing” users to initiate a conversation is clearly an essential function; Virtual Airwaves is meant to be lightweight and non-intrusive, so ringing must be the same.  With users managing more channels, we wanted to provide more control for sending and receiving rings.

New Ring Management Features

  • Ring Muting: Some channels are more active than others, and especially with a larger group, too much ringing could be distracting.   So now you can mute the ring, so that the ring alert will still appear, but it will not have an audible sound.   Or, you can even block the ring completely, which will prevent any rings for that channel from being sent to you. (If you are the owner of a channel, you can choose separate settings for rings intended for everyone or for just the owner.)
  • Ring Pop-ups: Rings that you receive in the app no longer block your activity – instead, they appear as informational pop-up messages at the bottom of your screen, with a button to take you to the ringing channel if needed. The pop-up will disappear on its own after a time, or you can swipe it downwards to get rid of it immediately.
  • Handles (Nicknames): If you want to provide a handle — a fun nickname or alias — to identify who the ring is from, you can now provide a different handle for each channel you participate in.  Users told us that a nickname you use with one group of friends may not be a nickname you can use with others….  (This handle, which you can edit on the channel’s info page, overrides any default handle that you create in your Settings, and you can change or remove your handle at any time.)
  • Enable/Disable the Ring Buttons: As owner of a channel, you can enable or remove the channel’s two possible ring buttons (ring everyone, or ring the owner).  This will immediately be reflected in every channel member’s device.
  • Don’t forget that you can send a custom message with your notification, and you can also choose to send a silent ring, i.e. an alert without any audible tone.  This lets you decide how aggressively and descriptively you want to contact your channel’s members.