Over the holidays we released a major Beta version that, in addition to continuing improvements in audio quality and overall system stability, introduces a variety of new features which are motivated by how people are using Virtual Airwaves.

What we’ve learned is that Virtual Airwaves really is a unique mode of communication: quick, real-time interaction without the overhead of social networks, contact lists, recorded history, or administration. Our users described Virtual Airwaves as more spontaneous than a phone call, and less intrusive and permanent than a text message.

Consequently, people are creating more private channels than we imagined! Channels for 1-1 communication have proven to be useful as a fast method of contacting a partner or spouse directly.  As developers, we’ve been using a permanent 3-person channel: today we had a quick chat with 2 of us in California, and the other in Mexico.

With this increased use of private channels, we’ve added some features to make Virtual Airwaves easier to use:

New Channel Management Features

  • The list of private channels is now separated into those you own and those you join.
  • There is an information page available for all channels.
  • The claim codes are available for sharing in the info page, even for channels you didn’t create.
  • You can change the name of channels you create from the info page.