Callbox v2.0.2 is being released, which is an optional upgrade, but which brings 2 desirable features:

First, you can now flip around through channels much easier than before; we’ve added a fast change channel picker right on the main screen so that you can spin through the channel list and move to that channel directly – all with your thumb!

Simply tap anywhere in the channel info bar along the bottom of the main screen to bring up the fast-change picker – and tap anywhere in the info bar (or on the widget itself) to dismiss it. To use it, simply spin it to a different channel. The channel will change as soon as you lift your finger, you don’t have to dismiss it first; this way you can use it repeatedly to move around:

The 2nd new feature isn’t visible, but is incredibly helpful: we’ve optimized how the audio system is used in order to go easier on your battery, both when it is in the foreground or background.  So now you can leave Callbox running without so much “battery anxiety”!