Our goal is to give everyone with an internet connection the ability to talk to people near them, or just listen to what’s happening nearby. No social network, no registration, just push and talk.

If they’re near you, they can hear you. Next time there’s a traffic jam, let someone in your car talk to people up ahead and find out what’s happening. Talk to your neighbors as you take an afternoon walk, or find out what’s happening on campus.  Just turn it on to talk or listen.

You can talk to just certain groups of people with private channels.  Get a claim code you can pass to your friends. They just enter the code, and they’re in the channel. Private channels can be provisioned with or without a geographic restriction, so you can keep in touch anywhere you go.

Our back-end infrastructure handles the details to make a user experience that just feels right. The right technology provides a transparent ecosystem for our users. Whether you’re using a phone application or a browser on your laptop, you can communicate with Virtual Airwaves technology.


Virtual Airwaves feels just like a 2-way radio system. Select a public channel and listen in to what’s going on near you. Push the button and talk. But unlike yesterday’s CB radio, Virtual Airwaves gives you control. Filter conversations you don’t want to hear. Join channels just for commuters, where everyone is on the same road. Set up channels just for your and your friends. Provision channels in a particular geographic area for special events, like marathons or football games. Join people in a premium channel, or sponsor a channel in your neighborhood that you administer.