A key element of Virtual Airwaves ease of use is that it works just like any handheld radio device: there’s no account to set up, no sign-in or registration, no synchronizing; you just use it and it works.  This philosophy that each mobile phone/tablet is its own separate Virtual Airwaves device is highly practical: the different mobile phones and tablets that you own each have different uses (and often, different users), so with Virtual Airwaves, each device can have its own purpose, with its own collection of channels.

However, there are times when you need to change your phone, or your phone gets cleared, (or worse, you lose your phone…) — so how do you avoid losing that unique set of channels you’ve created and joined?

A standard, if heavyweight, technique

One way is to use the standard iPhone backup/restore mechanism.  With a backed-up iPhone, if you restore that backup to a different iOS device, the first time you run the app on that newly-restored device, we will detect that it has been restored, and set up all your existing channels on that new device, which will effectively replace the previous device.  After that, if you run Virtual Airwaves on the old device, you may get a warning that the device is no longer recognized, and you will be required to clear it, after which it will be just like any other new, clean Virtual Airwaves device.  The point is, there will only be one device that owns that particular collection of channels.

But what if you haven’t backed up your phone?  Backup/restore isn’t the answer to every situation, and it can be a confusing (and risky) procedure.  So we’ve come up with an easier solution for moving your Virtual Airwaves app from device to device.

A simpler way:  Device Recovery

This is a simple, one-time step you can take, at any time, to insure that you can restore that Virtual Airwaves device if it is ever in the future lost, discarded, or cleared.  In your Settings page under the Device Recovery item, select Obtain a Recovery Key.  You will then be offered an email you can send to yourself, an email that contains a Device Recovery Key – essentially a special claim code.  By emailing this to yourself, you can archive this key to be stored away for a rainy day.

The Device Recovery Key carries the identity of that Virtual Airwaves instance/device.  Keep this key private!  It is your ticket to recovering this Virtual Airwaves device even if you lose the phone entirely.  To use it, on any device where you want to resurrect that identity, in your Settings page under Device Recovery, select the other item:  Recover Device from Key.

Entering this key will cause the current device to be cleared, and restored with the identity (and channels) from the original Virtual Airwaves device.  (The original device will require itself to be cleared next time it is used – this key is for moving or recovering your device, not for duplicating it!)

Note that you only need to obtain the key once; it automatically tracks the state of the device from then on, so that if you ever use it to recover, the newly recovered device will be current and up to date.  So for peace of mind, make it a habit that the first time you use Virtual Airwaves on a device, go obtain your Device Recovery Key!