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Try Virtual Airwaves in Firefox


The Firefox team fixed a bug that prevented us from working properly. Our implementation of “Push To Talk” caused Firefox to crash.

Bug 1543622, crash in [@ mozilla::MediaPipelineReceiveAudio::PipelineListener::NotifyPullImpl] was causing a divide-by-zero error due to the way Mozilla was calculating the number of audio channels.

Thanks to Andreas Pehrson, Dan Minor, Natalia Csoregi, and Ryan VanderMuelen for prioritizing this and fixing it for us.

It will be in Firefox Version 71 and you can download it on the beta channel now.  (Release notes are here)

Once you’re running 71.0 beta, go to Virtual Airwaves Channel 1 and say hello!


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Roger Beep

Our no-download web client now has a roger beep. This is a tone that plays over the channel that signifies the end-of-transmission. Commercial 2-way radio has long had this feature, and radio hobbyists have a long history of adding circuits to their microphones and radios to have this same purpose.

The iOS Client has a slightly different beep than the web client, so you can tell who’s coming from where.

In addition to the tone sent over the Virtual Airwaves channel, there’s a local beep tone that you hear. This lets you know for sure when you’ve pressed or released the button, or when your talk time has timed out.

Roger beeps sometimes elicit strong feelings from radio enthusiasts. CB’ers like […]

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You’re Invited!

We would like to invite you to try a fun, new technology.  Don’t worry – there’s no registration, sign-up, email, or anything – you and your friends can simply try it, right in your browser.  

Try it right now! Go to to enter Channel 1. Nobody around yet? Share the link with your friends and start communicating, walkie-talkie style.

So, what is it? 

Virtual Airwaves gives you live, push-to-talk group audio — just like a 2-way radio — easily placed on any web page or social posting.  We’ve built a system to manage, mix, and route real-time audio streams over the internet for […]

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Web Client — No Download Needed

Virtual Airwaves now has a web client. We use WebRTC technology–available on all modern web browers–to offer the Virtual Airwaves experience anywhere: desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Try it now

Try it right now by visiting this url:

This will start the client and put you in channel 1. If you don’t have anyone nearby to talk to, share the link with your friends and get them on the air, too!


The first time you use the […]

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New feature: fast-change for channels

Callbox v2.0.2 is being released, which is an optional upgrade, but which brings 2 desirable features:

First, you can now flip around through channels much easier than before; we’ve added a fast change channel picker right on the main screen so that you can spin through the channel list and move to that channel directly – all with your thumb!

Simply tap anywhere in the channel info bar along the bottom of the main screen to bring up the fast-change picker – and tap anywhere in the info bar (or on the widget itself) to dismiss it. To use it, simply spin it to a different channel. The channel will change as soon as you […]

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Callbox 2.0 is here!

As you’ve probably seen if you tried to launch the 1.0 version, there is now a “2.0” version of Callbox available in the App Store!

You’ll have no trouble recognizing this new version – it brings a new look to our favorite big, just-push-it-to-talk button; this represents lots of new infrastructure behind the scenes that makes your connections to the Virtual Airwaves backend secure, supports even more scalability for more users, and enables some upcoming advances in our system.

There is one important new user feature right on the main screen: background listening!  So now you can monitor a channel while doing something else with your iPhone.   It’s a simple toggle button at the lower left of the main screen that […]

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Quickstart with Callbox: all you need in 60 seconds!

Callbox is innovatively simple: it works just like a 2-way radio, where your phone is your handset.  There is no registration, no account to set up, no exposing your identity, no scanning your contacts.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, get the iOS Version from the App Store. Other versions are coming.

Here’s everything you need to be an experienced user in 60 seconds:

1. First time launched: Give us Permission

Like any iOS app, the very first time Callbox is launched, we must ask for permission to use various device services. We’ve tried to make it simple: just click each button and say “Allow.”  (Without these permissions, you won’t be able to use all our features.)

2. Get in a channel.

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Welcome Callbox!

Big news: Our first application is now in the Apple iOS App Store!  But don’t look under Virtual Airwaves, because you won’t find it.  What you’ll find is:


Here at Virtual Airwaves, we have all kinds of ideas for using radio-style communication in today’s mobile world, and our TestFlight app has several such ideas poured into it.  In moving to a larger scale of use, we are segmenting different uses into separate apps, and our first app is Callbox (officially for App Store purposes the full name is Radio Callbox).

Callbox brings zero-registration, zero-administration private channels to public use.  You’ll recognize all the private channel features (including join codes, ringing, etc.) that you’ve seen before.  But […]

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Try the “Echo” Channel

In case you don’t have any friends on the system yet, you can still test the system by yourself: just for fun, we have created the Echo Channel, a private channel with a special feature: normally you can’t hear yourself when you transmit; but with this special channel, anything you (or anyone else in your nearby vicinity) transmits will be repeated back over the air about 5 seconds later.

Like any other private channel, you will need a claim code to join it; for the echo channel, the claim code is the word “echo”! Go to the Channel List page, tap “Join”, and enter the 4 letters “e-c-h-o”.

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