As you’ve probably seen if you tried to launch the 1.0 version, there is now a “2.0” version of Callbox available in the App Store!

You’ll have no trouble recognizing this new version – it brings a new look to our favorite big, just-push-it-to-talk button; this represents lots of new infrastructure behind the scenes that makes your connections to the Virtual Airwaves backend secure, supports even more scalability for more users, and enables some upcoming advances in our system.

There is one important new user feature right on the main screen: background listening!  So now you can monitor a channel while doing something else with your iPhone.   It’s a simple toggle button at the lower left of the main screen that looks like a stack; the switch displays the current state: in normal foreground-only mode, the front-most item is opaque and hides the background item.  In the new background-listening mode, the front item is transparent, and you can see the item in the background.

(You can also set the listening mode in the settings; the “Listen in Background” switch is the same control.)

As mentioned above, another important new feature is secure connections.  Both the intermittent requests that are made to the Virtual Airwaves back-end, as well as the persistent connection you hold while you are in a channel, use cryptographically-secured network connections, preventing hackers from monitoring your activity.

Version 2.0 represents a major upgrade of our systems, and we hope you’ll find moving to it to be seamless – you should be able to just upgrade the app, and continue.  Let us know what you think!