Push the button and talk.

Virtual Airwaves makes it easy to find out what’s going on around you.

If they’re near you, they can hear you. Next time there’s a traffic jam,  talk to people up ahead and find out what’s happening. Talk to your neighbors as you take an afternoon walk, or find out what’s happening on campus. No registration, no social network. Just turn it on and talk.

Want to keep it between friends? Provision a private channel and get a claim code you can pass to your friends. They just enter the code, and they’re in the channel. Private channels can be provisioned with or without a geographic restriction, so you can keep in touch anywhere you go.

Push-To-Talk Simplicity

Push the button to talk, release to listen. It’s easy to listen to what’s going on: you can jump in when you have something to say. Nobody else can hear you unless you press the button.

Our Virtual Airwaves technology works and sounds like two-way radio. You can communicate to people on public channels if they’re in range. Large numbers of people can be in one channel, and as you move closer to some and away from others, different people will be in your communications area.

Web App—Nothing to Install

No need to download or install an app. Just visit us at cb.virtualairwaves.com/channel/1 and start talking on Virtual Airwaves channel 1 right now.

iOS App

Use the native iOS app for the best experience on your iPhone. Available from the App Store

Try it now! No registration or signup required.

You can get started in our public channels without the need to sign up for anything. Just go to cb.virtualairwaves.com to join Public Channel 1 on our web application.

Find out more in our blog.

Get tips and learn about our patented technology in the Virtual Airwaves blog. We welcome your feedback, too.

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See our contact page. We’d love to hear your feedback, suggestions, or feature requests. Tell us how you use Virtual Airwaves.